CAKE (2016-present) expresses the monotony of suburbia and its bleak landscape as a colorful wasteland. Illustrations of melancholy flags and telephone poles jut into the sky over bright blobs representing landfills and litter. Free magazines, coupons, and grocery store circulars are re-purposed into unlikely collages. Over thirty five collages on paper, five wood panels, several smaller objects, and works on cardboard form the series. The artwork is constantly changing with new doodles and images added and edited over time.  

Cake Telephone Poles 2016-3.jpg
Rae Pleasant Cake 1-2016.jpg
Cake Flying Can 3.JPG

Exhibition History

Plano Public Library, Plano, TX
December 2016-January 2017

Courtyard Theater, Plano, TX
January-February 2017

Swirl Bakery, Flower Mound, TX
June-September 2017

Green Bean Cafe and Deli, Flower Mound, TX
October-December 2017