PF Heritage


Projects, plans, and writing completed as a member of staff, fellow, or student at external institutions.


Multi-layer Protest of the Ku Klux Klan Mural (The City I) by Vincent Valdez
at Blanton Museum of Art at UT Austin, TX 2018

Using a variety of methods, I created an effective educational plan of action that the museum followed in order to stage a more ethical exhibition of this controversial artwork. I made awareness of the mural’s existence known to hundreds of companies, individuals, and groups to compensate for the museum’s lack of outreach. The petition to have the mural removed received hundreds of signatures. The thirty page academic essay addressed relevant political, social, and artistic topics. The live protest in front of the mural physicalized the shock of the mural itself and resulted in my detainment by police. The protest was successful and while the mural was not removed from display or from the museum’s collection, the presentation was inclusive and educational. As of 2019, the Department of Homeland Security deems white supremacy a national terrorist threat.

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