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 A bustling world filled with adorable, tiny animals on great big adventures. Soft, spunky, and cute now comes in a darker shade of fur to relate to kids at play from diverse backgrounds. African-American history inspires the whimsy and nostalgia of the books from quilts and gardens to classic costume and southern treats. Sip some tea or spill it all with the wonderful characters of Adventures in Tea Time! 


Patti and Kitta are kitten cousins ready for splashy tales! They laugh and play under the watchful eye of Granny and kitten-sitter, Nell. In the afternoons during 'tea time', Patti and Kitta love to imagine dreamy, drippy adventures. Introducing Patti and Kitta follows the kittens as they build a fort from quilts in the den. Suddenly, the girls are transported to travelling show! They stumble, twirl, and dance just before the curtains close. Written and illustrated by Rae Pleasant. 

Original Picture Book

Copyright Certificate and ISBN 2016 
Published by PLEASANT FOLK LLC 2016


18st AIR SPACE Artist in Residence
Plano Public Library 2016-2017


Over twenty-five original hand-drawn illustrations
Watercolor, color pencil, and crayon  

They aren’t cats.
They are little elves.
Both their names are Sally.
— Curious child, 18st AIR Space, 2017

Listen to the Audio Book!

Written, Narrated, and Published by: Rae Pleasant, Pleasant Folk LLC
Production and Mixing: Matt Aslanian, Aslan Audio
Original Music Composition: Leon Rollerson Productions


New books on the way!

The original book ‘Introducing Patti and Kitta’ is scheduled for re-release in 2019
along with new stories and materials!

Introducing Patti and Kitta Re-release
A Nutcracker BBQ
Boys Do Ballet
Herding Cats
5 minutes

Miss Honey Dew from Adventures in Tea Time: A Nutcracker BBQ  Copyright 2018

Miss Honey Dew from Adventures in Tea Time: A Nutcracker BBQ
Copyright 2018