Artist Residency at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort: Picture Day by Pleasant Folk

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort and Spa has generated a wonderful marketing campaign for their new artist in residence program. There is a brand new webpage for the residency! Here is the promotional image staged and photographed by PJ Hardy and Jordan Millington!

The experience has been wonderful so far. I am grateful to the Nemacolin fam for providing professionalism and transparency. This residency is truly one of the best in the country for emerging and established artists in terms of amenities and opportunity. Please check out the Nemacolin Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to see more pictures of the residency as it unfolds.

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Maisie Williams on Working with Kind People by Pleasant Folk

Maisie Williams via Instagram  @maisie_williams

Maisie Williams via Instagram @maisie_williams

Media outlet TicToc caught up with Maisie Williams during the Game of Thrones Season 8 red carpet premiere. Maisie talked about the importance of kindness on the job in the film industry. I think these wise words apply to the arts as a whole.

“Is there something you’re going to take from Game of Thrones to future projects?“ -TicToc Reporter

“Yeah, I’m never going to work with people that aren’t nice and fun. Because everyone on this show has been nice and they’ve treated each other so wonderfully and we all respect each other so much. So there’s no excuse for it (for not being nice). I think the movie industry is full of a lot of people that are quite entitled and no one is like that on this show and there is no excuse for it (entitlement). So, I hope that if I’m ever creating a film in the future I don’t work with people who are unpleasant to be around.”

-Maisie Williams