Artist Residency at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort: New Characters / by Pleasant Folk

I felt inspired to create a few characters based on my stay at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. I re-imagined the Resort’s bird logo as a friend to a sweet puppy! Puppies are a departure from my usual cat illustrations, but I wanted to challenge myself. I created Markee, the Busy French Bulldog who works in the resort.

A bit of a back story…The resort houses many artworks by Colombian artist Fernando Botero. The Fat Bird is a featured sculpture that sits in the fountain in front of the Chateau at Nemacolin Resort. The Resort commissioned artist Barney Boller to create a likeness of Botero’s fat bird to use as their logo. I then created Bo, the Round Little Bird named after Botero! The resulting comics are loosely inspired by Nemacolin Woodlands Resort set in the fictional New Woods Hotel.

Bo the Bird Watermarked.jpg
Markee the Busy French Bulldog

Markee the Busy French Bulldog

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort Logo.jpg