Inspirational Human: Jennifer Aniston / by Pleasant Folk

In her August 2018 cover story for InStyle, Jennifer Aniston spoke her truth about feminism and sexism in Hollywood. Jennifer has always been an outspoken and honest woman which is so refreshing. She spoke frankly about how she refused to allow men to abuse her on the job by removing herself from situations of harassment. She added that other women treated her poorly verbally and energetically more so than men.

These two points resonated so deeply for me! In cases of harassment in the workplace, I attempted confront these men directly to use my words and actions to shut things down to the best of my abilities. HR and administration was typically unprofessional and unsympathetic (I did have a male RA at SMU who came to my aid). As a Black woman at work, there was greater risk for me being deemed a ‘troublemaker’. But, it was women that deliberately attempted to shove a glass ceiling on my head or derail my experiences at work and university. Unfortunately, the interviewer did not expand the conversation with this point. Regardless, Jennifer gave us words of wisdom that go straight to the heart.

MM: Have you ever been sexually harassed in the workplace?

JA: I’ve definitely had some sloppy moves made on me by other actors, and I handled it by walking away. I’ve never had anyone in a position of power make me feel uncomfortable and leverage that over me. In my personal experience I’ve been treated worse verbally and energetically by some women in this industry.